How To Interface A GC9A01 Round Display With Arduino & ESP32 – Voltlog #349

I’m gonna start this video with a question, do you agree that technological advancements as well as market demand for technology is making our hobby nicer and more accessible by providing us with parts and tools that are cheaper and easier to get now than ever before.

That’s how I feel when as a hobbyist I can get my hands on parts and tools that just a few years ago were out of reach due to them being top hard to source, too expensive and too technically challenging as well. Here is one example, this is a 1.3 inch, 240x240pixels round display and it even comes installed on this nice little breakout board with 0.1 inch header connections. You can get such a module for cheap on aliexpress and I’ll place some links to this in the description below so you can check it out.

And no, the interface to this display is not some complex and hard to implement LVDS interface, it’s a very simple SPI interface that you are probably already familiar with. So join me in this video to learn how to connect these types of display modules to your favorite development board and you can drive them to display pictures and animations.

2 thoughts on “How To Interface A GC9A01 Round Display With Arduino & ESP32 – Voltlog #349”

  1. Hello, thank`s a lot for this review. It’s great to see people ruling their world. Is it possible to get the code for the speedo, showed in the
    video example? A source for the automotive aplications would be great. It looks so much better than simple letters or numbers.

  2. hello, I was trying work with NANO BLE33. It was working, but when I tried to display the IMU measurement (the BLE33 has an IMU sensor integrated in the board)- neither the screen continue nor the IMU sensor worked. The sensor communication is I2C, so it hard for me to think that the problem is in the you have any idea???
    Thank you

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