Voltlog #140 – ISDT Q6 Plus Lipo Charger Repair

Welcome to a new Voltlog, this will be a repair video, because my ISDT Q6 Plus battery charger has failed. If you remember Voltlog #109 I did a review of this charger and I’ve been using it quite often since I got it, with no issues whatsoever, until a few days ago, I think I was just storage charging some batteries, I did 2 batteries and when it was time for the 3rd battery to go on it would not start anymore, it was saying, “current operation is not supported”.

Get the ISDT Q6 Plus here:

2 thoughts on “Voltlog #140 – ISDT Q6 Plus Lipo Charger Repair”

  1. I did everything like the video but it gives me -1.5 on the output… so de polarity is inverted now….

  2. Thank you for your wonderful and informative video. I had the same issue and did everything tou mentioned. My charger works perfectly now.

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