Voltlog #171 – XFS5152CE Speech Synthesis Module Example Project

Welcome to a new Voltlog today we are taking a closer look at this inexpensive speech synthesis module. The part number is XFS5152CE and we do find a datasheet for this chip but unfortunately it is all in Chinese. The datasheet contains schematic examples, they show you how to wire a microphone pre-amp, how to wire an audio amplifier, they also give you some code examples but most of the text is in Chinese.

I found this online doc translator service which worked surprisingly well, it translated my document and kept most of the formatting intact. So now I have a translated datasheet which I will link in the description below and I will also place a link to places where you can buy this module and also where you can buy just the chip.



One thought on “Voltlog #171 – XFS5152CE Speech Synthesis Module Example Project”

  1. Good evening
    I recently purchased a similar module (Gravity: Speech Synthesis Module V2.0)
    Whilst the data sheet is quiet about the speech engine it uses the exact same commands as the XFS5152 so I assume it is based on it.
    The module works ok (I use the I2C interface) but at times it get « stuck » and keeps providing 0xEF as return and stops generating sounds.
    Do you have any information about the return codes, what they mean and how to cure them?

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