Voltlog #26 – Graphical LCD Transistor/Component Tester Kit

In this episode I am assembling the Graphical LCD Transistor/Component Tester purchased from banggood. Once again I give some hints on through hole soldering and in the end the kit works as expected on first go.

Here are some links where you can purchase the kit shown in the video:

VoltLog #25 – How to Salvage Electronic Components For Reuse

In this video I am showing various techniques I use for desoldering and salvaging  electronic components like: inductors, tantalum capacitors, connectors, ceramic capacitors, op-amps, comparators, switches, battery connectors, dc jacks, mosfets, fuses and ferrite beads from old motherboards.

I am also taking a look at some laptop optical drivers and lcd pannels to see if there is anything usefull we can save before taking them to the recycling bin.

Here are links to some tools you can use for desoldering jobs: