Voltlog #29 – Through Hole Drag Soldering Technique

This one is a very short video showing you how to use the drag soldering technique. I am using this method every time I need to solder in line pins, I get good solder joints in half the time it would take me to solder each individual pin. This can add up to a lot of saved time when you’re working on boards with more than 400 solder joints.

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Voltlog #28 – InTheMail

In this episode I am showing my latest mail items which include: a bunch of Vishay-Dale shunt resistors which I got for a bargain price, different sizes silicone wires, ultrasonic sensors, a voice recorder, the st-link v2 programmer/debugger, dmx512 decoder board for driving rgb leds, rs485 to ttl converter module, a pair of 433MHz ASK transceivers, some thermal plaster, a metal marking/punch tool and a hiking monocular.

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Voltlog #27 – Transistor Tester Short Functionality Review

In this episode I am testing the various menus on the Graphical LCD Transistor/Component Tester purchased from banggood. This gadget does more than just measure and identify components, it can also measure frequency, it has built-in frequency generator as well as a 10-bit pwm generator with adjustable duty cycle.

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