Voltlog #164 – Pirl USB Charger Review & Teardown

This is a review of the Pirl charger which has 4 independent USB ports each capable of up to 2.7A continuous output. The product will launch on kickstarter soon.

You get 4 ports each capable of 2.7A and we’ll put that to a test later. The 4 ports are independent so a fault on one of the ports is only gonna shut down that port. It has input reverse polarity protection, thermal protection and ESD protection. It can also detect and optimize the charging current based on the connected device so I expect to see one of those tiny chips which handles the usb data lines on each port.

Another interesting feature they mention on their website is voltage compensation such that each channel adjusts the output voltage according to the current drawn, if the current increases the voltage will increase slightly to compensate for the voltage drop that might occur in the cable up to your device.

They also have a wattmeter on the front of the device showing you how much power your device is pulling from the charger.

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