Voltlog #289 – InTheMail

Welcome to a new InTheMail, the series that will touch both your passion for electronics and your bank account at the same time. Before I get started I’m gonna take a second to remind you to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell notification icon because that’s the only way you will know for sure when I upload new videos. 

I must say I’m noticing delays in delivery of these packages from China, it started with orders placed mid January and I’m probably going to see some packages lost and never delivered so i recommend you keep an eye on your orders and request a refund when the protection time expires.

Voltlog #165 – USAMS 3 Port USB Charger With Display Review & Teardown

In this video I am taking a look at the USAMS 3 Port USB Charger With Display. Turns out the same charger is sold under many different names, and I suspect inside there is the same circuit labeled USB320G.

Like I mentioned in the past China is improving the designs of these charger each year so the situation is much better now than it was a few years back. There would still be the $2 death traps disguised as apple chargers but in the $10 range you can get some pretty decent chargers with adequate protection. This charger has the required protection features to make it safe to use however its not special in any way, the noise level is higher than I would like and the output current of just 3A is not enough for charging 3 devices. Not even 2 at the same time if they both require more current.

Here are links to where you can find this charger: BanggoodAliexpress,  Amazon.

Voltlog #164 – Pirl USB Charger Review & Teardown

This is a review of the Pirl charger which has 4 independent USB ports each capable of up to 2.7A continuous output. The product will launch on kickstarter soon.

You get 4 ports each capable of 2.7A and we’ll put that to a test later. The 4 ports are independent so a fault on one of the ports is only gonna shut down that port. It has input reverse polarity protection, thermal protection and ESD protection. It can also detect and optimize the charging current based on the connected device so I expect to see one of those tiny chips which handles the usb data lines on each port.

Another interesting feature they mention on their website is voltage compensation such that each channel adjusts the output voltage according to the current drawn, if the current increases the voltage will increase slightly to compensate for the voltage drop that might occur in the cable up to your device.

They also have a wattmeter on the front of the device showing you how much power your device is pulling from the charger.

Voltlog #163 – InTheMail

Get your account ready because here comes a new InTheMail and there is a good chance of finding something to order in this video. Don’t forget to use the links below to find the items shown in the video.

Voltlog #73 – InTheMail

Welcome to a new InTheMail, the series that everybody seems to like, seriously I’m thinking this is starting to look like some group meeting where we all have the addiction to keep purchasing cheap electronic stuff from China.

Here is a list with the items shown in this video:

  • SG3525A PWM generator module
  • Photocell Automatic On/Off Light Switch Relay
  • B0505S-1W Isolated 5V DC-DC Converter
  • 5V 2A DC-DC Converter USB Charger With Voltmeter Module
  • 5V 3A DC-DC Converter USB Charger Module
  • 12V 0.5A AC-DC Switching Power Supply Module
  • LCD1602 I2C Serial Interface Adapter Module
  • WS2812 RGB LED Controller
  • WS2812 RGB LED Strip PCB Module

You can find links to all of these items in the video description visible on youtube.