Best Affordable Electronic Load – Kunkin KP184 Teardown | Voltlog #300

In the previous video I reviewed the KP184 electronic load, I showed you all the features it has, I tested the accuracy of the front panel meter but the video was getting quite long and I skipped the teardown for a future video. Well, this is it, it looks like we have a bunch of screws that have to be removed to slide the folded metal cover off.

As you may remember from the previous video I discovered something related to wiring & safety, the earth wire was connected to the bottom part of the enclosure but it wasn’t connected to this blue cover which is also metallic. Now we can see why, this has a thick coat of paint so we can fix this by either scraping the paint away in the area where this makes contact with the bottom part or we could add a separate earth wire which would probably be a more reliable way to fix this.

The first thing I’m noticing is the silkscreen, this board is version 04 and has a date code of November 2019. And there are a bunch of other nicely placed labels for various signals throughout the board. Soldering looks to be nice and clean with the exception of these thick wires coming from the bottom board, which in this particular joint looks like it hasn’t flowed sufficiently, I will have to fix that later. Wires are nicely secured with adhesive to their end connectors and apart from these thick wires coming from the bottom board everything has connectors which makes it easy to disassemble and service.

Checkout the teardown pictures of the Kunkin KP184 electronic load below

2 thoughts on “Best Affordable Electronic Load – Kunkin KP184 Teardown | Voltlog #300”

  1. Hello,
    Your reviews of this unit prompted me to purchase one and I’m quite happy with it.
    One comment on the load is that due to the voltage overhead it is unable to operate below about 3.75V making the unit unsuitable to say test a single Li-Ion cell for capacity as the pre-set current consumption appears to drop at about 3.75V and totally stops consuming current at 3.65V.
    Otherwise this unit functions well specially with the remote software.
    I thank you again for the review and teardown.

  2. Hello,
    my KP184 died. Please can you identify the type off Q8 on the Secondary-Power-Board ( your Picture Kunkin-KP184-Secondary-Power-Board3.jpg)?

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