ClonerAlliance 4KP Plus Capture Card Review & Teardown | Voltlog #332

Welcome to a new video, today we’re taking a closer look at this capture card which was sent in for this review by ClonerAlliance. This is their Flint 4K Plus model but they do sell other models as well so check out the links in the description to find out more and also watch this video till the end cause I have a giveaway which might interest you.

So let’s talk a little bit about the specs of this capture card, it’s 4K passthrough at 60Hz meaning that if you have a 4K signal from a camera or a gaming console, you can pass that through this capture card to a 4K monitor without losing any quality.

The interface is HDMI 2.0 for both the in and out passthrough, there is no HDR passthrough or capture, and the capture specs are 1080P 60fps maximum. Works on USB3.0 and USB2.0 but you really want to use it over USB3.0 to get the best quality, because I think over USB2.0 it switches to MJPEG codec while on USB3.0 it’s YuY2 uncompressed and it does support other frame rates like 24fps if you need that.

This capture card is UVC compatible, UVC means USB video class, this usb class describes devices capable of streaming video and so it’s universally compatible with pretty much any OS, it’s plug and play and it will show up as a camera device on your system which makes it super simple to use even with the simplest windows camera app.

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