revC Tasmota ESP32 Floor Heating Valve Controller | Voltlog 397

Welcome to a new Voltlog, today I’m gonna be showing you revC for the ESP32 based thermostat valve controller, we’re going to do some thermal measurements using my InfraRed PCB inspection thermal camera, talk about resistor power dissipation a little bit and I’m also going to be talking about the future of this project, some changes that I might do in a future revision and ask your feedback in the comments below about these.

As mentioned in Voltlog #395, where I showed revB, I wanted to do this rather small change and release revC just to see if it was possible to improve the thermals of the board, in particular how warm these current limiting resistor networks get during operation.

3 thoughts on “revC Tasmota ESP32 Floor Heating Valve Controller | Voltlog 397”

  1. Just bought your Tasmoto ESP32 Floor Heating Valve board Rev.C . Unfortunately I couldn‘t find the associated schematic as a jpg or pdf file. GitHub has only CAD files. As I want to use the board with own software I would at least need the ESP32 pin assignment, if schematic can not be provided. Having this as further doc on GitHub would help a lot for all users. Thanks for help!

  2. Hi “Voltlog”
    Have been looking at your Floor Heating Velve controller, and the idea is brilliant
    And I’ve ben reading a lot about how to control floor heating, and It seems like the most expensive /best controllers are using linear control instead of just on/of control of the activators.
    And to be able to do this on ac you need a zero cross detector in the design.
    At least here in Europe it seems like 24v activators are the most common, so a PCB with separate inputs for powersupply for the ESP32 and for the triacs /activators would be nice
    But with 24v activators, why not just use 24v dc and small mosfets on the outputs, and then the code, both Tasmota and own, can use pwm output to control the actuators very precise
    Br Steen

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