Why Did I Get A New 3D Printer? Ender 3 Pro | Voltlog #312

If you would like to hear why I switched from the Creality CR10 to a Creality Ender 3 pro join me in this video, I’ll share the reasons for which I made the switch as well as talk about the improvements Creality made to the standard Ender 3 to become the Ender 3 pro. But first, let’s do the unboxing.

Inside the box everything is well packaged and protected with foam but compared to the CR10, the Ender 3 is less assembled to say so, there is more assembly work for us to do, if you are in a hurry that might be an issue but for me I actually like doing a bit of assembly work on a new gadget.

While doing the assembly I took a look at the supplied sd card and I also found an assembly video with english captions, it was well made and easy to follow. There are two extra steps I did during the assembly, #1 was to take off the power supply protection cover and made sure all connections are nice & tight and the voltage selection switch is in the right position #2, the lead screw comes already greased but in my experience with the CR10 that type of grease will attract dust on the lead screw which will turn into this black gunk over time. So I cleaned the existing grease with some isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush and at the end I applied some dry PTFE lube to the lead screw which in my opinion is better suited for this application.