InTheMail | Voltlog #410

Welcome to a new InTheMail the most popular segment hosted here on the channel and I’m gonna start the video with these two products, these are ESP32-S2 based TFT display modules. They’ve been sent in from makerfabs. They have two options when ordering these, you can go with a resistive touch interface or a capacitive one and I guess you would want the capacitive type unless you have a specific application where it would be difficult to go with the better and more sensitive capacitive touch like, I don’t know you want it to operate with gloves maybe?

The screen resolution is 320×480 pixels, not super high pixel density but decent for most projects and because of the ESP32-S2 which drives these panels over a parallel interface you can get some high throughput and makerfabs claims it’s even possible to play video on these. To give you a sense of that, I’ve loaded some of the provided examples based on the LGFX graphics library and it’s clearly visible that we’re getting some pretty high refresh rate on these.

And since we have that powerful ESP32-S2 with Wifi connection it’s easy to think of various projects where might make use of these. For example I could see this being used as a wall thermostat interface for HomeAssistant, it could be having some touch buttons for setting the temperature but it would also function as an always on display showing you some sensor data grabbed over MQTT from the HomeAssistant server.


So this is a really nice package for those looking to integrate a TFT display into their next project, it has everything you could need, some spare IO, native USB connection from the ESP32-S2 and a second usb to serial connection, speaker output, micro sd card slot, the schematic and board files are provided on github so really all you would have to do is to write some firmware and maybe 3D print an enclosure to protect it.