I built the ultimate electronics workbench using just a screwdriver | Voltlog 377

In this video I’m gonna show you how I built this awesome electronics workbench using just a screwdriver, yup, you’ve heard that right, you don’t need any other tools, just a screwdriver. In my opinion this is the ultimate electronics workbench, it has just the right height for me, it uses the available space as efficient as possible, it’s very strong and best of all it’s modular and upgradeable: meaning you will be able to grab this project and customize the size of the workbench to fit your available space or your particular needs. Oh and did I mention that it costs less than those commercially available off the shelf workbenches with similar specs? Stick with me in this video and I’ll share the full details on how I built mine.

New Lab, New Voltlog Electronics Workbench | Voltlog #367

The most important part of this lab is obviously the workbench and this is something that I designed myself, I guess I can call this the Voltlog Workbench Design, it’s 2m wide with 80cm deep. The working surface comes out at about 95 cm from the floor. It sits on these adjustable feet but I haven’t even leveled it so far. Thanks to my friends at Welectron.com my working surface is protected with these nice premium ESD Mats. They are 100% and phthalates free, no bad smell, Heat and solder resistant, Chemical resistant, two layer ESD bottom side is conductive, top side is dissipative and they have this nice anti-reflective surface finish which is very comfortable to work on. I went with gray because it works best as a background for video shooting but you can opt for Blue as well. I’ll put a link to these in the description below, I highly recommend Welectron for their services & customer care and I highly recommend these ESD mats they are top quality.