Tasmota ESP32 Floor Heating Valve Controller | Voltlog 383

Welcome to a new project video, today I’m gonna be presenting this 10 channel valve actuator controller which I built with the purpose of individually controlling the water circuits on my floor heating system. The best part is that this is based on an ESP32, it’s TASMOTA compatible so it should be very easy for me to integrate this into my HomeAssistant smart home system.

So like I mentioned, the need for such a valve actuator circuit started when I installed floor heating into my apartment and if you ask why i didn’t use one of the commercially available options: I don’t like them, they’re expensive and they typically only work with their closed source ecosystem, I wanted something that runs open-source so I can control and customize various aspects.

I have a total of 9 circuits and these circuits have different lengths and the rooms have different sizes so putting the same volume of water through all circuits is going to result in uneven heating. This issue can be mitigated by tuning the individual flow valves on the intake of each circuit but that setting seems to vary with the pressure it gets from the pump and doesn’t allow a fine granular control over the temperature of that room which is what I want to achieve.

2 thoughts on “Tasmota ESP32 Floor Heating Valve Controller | Voltlog 383”

  1. Hi, found you video about this floor heating project.
    Great project, I have been looking for something like this.

    Watching this, left me with some questions.

    1. would it be possible to control valve actuators, which only use 24v or 48v?

    2. how do you control how much/long time you need to apply power to the valve actuator? Or does a valve actuator work like its only open if you apply needed voltage, and then to keep it open you apply constant voltage?

  2. Hi
    Another question just came up reading the github source.
    Apparently tasmota only supports 8 relays and not 10. Im not using Home Assistant, but Nodered. But can Tasmota not send and receive MQTT messages for all 10 relays? I actually have 8 rooms, but 2 of my rooms have double actuators( water strings). Would it be possible to connect 2 valve actuators in relay #1?

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