Voltlog #122 – C5W LED vs Incandescent Bulb Temperature

Welcome to a new voltlog, in a previous video I showed these C5W LED bulbs that I got from ebay they were very cheap so I put them to a test and discovered they reached very high temperature in just 15 mins of running in free air which got me concerned, the fixture of this bulb could melt.

C5W LED Bulb on Ebay 

C5W LED Bulb on Aliexpress 

C5W LED Bulb on Banggood 

Thermometer used in this video

3 thoughts on “Voltlog #122 – C5W LED vs Incandescent Bulb Temperature”

      1. Thank you for your answer!
        Is there any c5w led that you would recommend other than yours?
        In my case, I need them to be brighter than original incandescents. My car’s rear cabin does not have a ceiling light, and I thought of making the front cabin lights a little brighter.

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