Voltlog #124 – Getting Started With E-Paper Display Module

In this video I’m gonna show you how to load a custom image on the e-paper display. Let’s see how easy it is to get started working with one of these e-paper display modules and an Arduino board.

Link e-paper display black/white:

More resources below:

2 thoughts on “Voltlog #124 – Getting Started With E-Paper Display Module”

  1. Hello! You place here the link to the Banggood shop, I ordered there, however they now changed the product description from the module to the bare display, of course the bare display is useless. Could you please confirm to me that they have shown the module in their shop at the beginning and not the bare display?

    1. I confirm, banggood has changed the pictures for the product and how the product is “sold out”. In the beginning they pictured the display + pcb module.

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