Voltlog #199 – New Editing PC With AMD Ryzen 7 2700

Welcome to a new Voltlog, this one is probably the last one on 2018. I would like to start by thanking you for being here with me, accepting the mistakes I often make in my videos but let’s face it, having a completely correct story is no fun, there would be nothing to discuss at the end.

I finally managed to upgrade the Voltlog editing machine. I previously used a dell laptop which had an Intel i5-3340M, it had plenty of ram, an SSD but editing was quite slow, roughly 3 times the length of the output video.

So at the end of this year I decided to build a new editing machine, I immediately found out the best price/performance ratio is with the AMD Ryzen processors.

I had a budget of $700 and I am quite happy with what I got in the end for the money. I started with a Ryzen 2 2700 processor, this is an 8 core processor, 3.2GHz, pretty fast. Not as fast as the 2700x but I had a budget restriction so I settled for the 2700. For the motherboard I went with the MSI B450 Tomahawk, for ram memory I got a Micron 16GB DDR4 PC2400 stick, for storage I went with Samsung Evo 860 1TB SATA SSD and for power supply and case nothing fancy, just something that was available on my local distributor.


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