Voltlog #207 – Making a DIY Spot Welder From A Microwave Transformer

Welcome to a new voltlog, today I’m gonna talk about a DIY spot welder that I built, the advantages of suck a build as well as the disadvantages or the the problems I encountered. So the idea for this project started many months ago, I was actually at a local recycling center to deposit some old electronics, when I saw this microwave oven transformer sitting right there on a table, like the guy in charge of the place literally took the transformer out of a microwave oven a few hours prior to me arriving there.

So that sparked the idea in my head, I asked the guy if I can have the transformer, he said yes and that was the start.

2 thoughts on “Voltlog #207 – Making a DIY Spot Welder From A Microwave Transformer”

  1. This was so well done by YOU… thank you for the links… i’ve ordered the bits i didn’t have…. Watch this space…..

    I’m currently working on my “Mobility Jeep ” Was a 24v lead acid mobility scooter…. now 36v Lithium bike battery, new controller (Coz the old one only 25v) Added a disk brake after crashing on a downhill.. Can’t do regen with single phase…. May the 4th be with you. MichaelMacNZ

  2. Hey I like your video, I have also bought the same board but am slightly confused on how you wire up the power to the 12v transformer and how you wire the primary to the traich. Because it looks like the transformer is being powered by a wall cord and the 12v tran is coming from a separate wall source? If you have diagram would be very helpful thanks

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