Voltlog #210 – 946C Hot Plate Review & Teardown

Welcome to a new Voltlog, today we’re gonna do a review and teardown of this hot plate which was supplied for free by banggood.com. So you would use something like this to preheat a pcb, to prepare it for desoldering an IC or even for reflow soldering a board. As usual there will be links placed in the description below which I encourage you to check out. There is a 100x100mm version at 400W and a 200x200mm version which I have here at 800W.

If you haven’t worked with a multi layer pcb you might ask yourself why do I need to pre-heat the board. Well modern devices uses a high number of internal pcb layers so desoldering something from those might be harder if you only heat the board from the top with hot air, it might take some time until the IC reaches desoldering temperature because the heat is sucked away by the internal copper layers.

This could be bad for the board and the IC because you will need to increase the temperature of your hot air station above the normal working temperature to compensate for that and in the process you might damage the board or the IC. Such a tool allows you to bring the board to a higher temperature without creating any hot spots, and then you can just heat with hot air from the top the are where you need to work.

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