Voltlog #36 – The Dark Load PCB Layout With EagleCAD

This video is mostly a time-lapse of me doing the PCB layout for the Dark Load project that I am working on. However during the first minutes of the video I am commenting and giving some hints on some design decisions that I make during layout.

This entire design is open source and it will be shared once I have it working but for now it’s still quite beta and I don’t want to release something that is potentially not working or might contain errors.

3 thoughts on “Voltlog #36 – The Dark Load PCB Layout With EagleCAD”

  1. Hello. I just happened upon your videos – nice job! I’m just starting with Eagle and would appreciate your showing (slowly) how you implemted the split ground planes and routed the large copper areas. Maybe you could show this in “slow motion”?

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