Voltlog #78 – 2x25W Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Amplifier TDA7492P

In this episode we are going to build a bluetooth speaker amplifier based on the TDA7492P class D audio amplifier coupled with a Bluetooth 4 module. We are not actually going to build the amplifier module because we can get that from China, very affordable, it only costs around $12 shipped which is way less that it would cost us to buy the bluetooth module and the TDA7492P individually not to mention the cost of fabricating a PCB of this size.

So we are actually going to use this module and build the final product with a nice enclosure and a suitable external power supply

Here are some links for the parts used to build this project:

Wiring diagram below:

6 thoughts on “Voltlog #78 – 2x25W Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Amplifier TDA7492P”

  1. Great vid and write-up. I’m doing something similar and this helped quite a bit. Quick question. I want to have an LED indicate Bluetooth connectivity. I read that you just connected to the existing board pads for your power LED. Did you remove the existing red LED, or just solder to the contacts. The Bluetooth lamps look bit challenging to remove.

    Again thanks for the write-up

    1. I removed the existing LED, you can remove it using hot air or by creating a big blog of solder over the LED, this way heating/melting both solder joints.

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