Voltlog #82 – DIY Adjustable Analog DC Electronic Load

In this episode I am building an analog adjustable dc load with parts easily obtainable from ebay and banggood. The advantage of such a dc load is that you can understand how it works, modify or repair it if necessary far easier than you would with a digital one. I was able to push mine up to 60W dissipation, but it is recommend to stay under 50W to protect the mosfet.

Here is a list with links to the parts used in this project:

One thought on “Voltlog #82 – DIY Adjustable Analog DC Electronic Load”

  1. Hello, I built the dummy load following your excellent video and using your list with the related changes you have exposed. Now I’ve finished it and I’m testing it but it does not seem to work. Is it possible to have your email to explain me what mistakes I have made?
    Thanks and congratulations for the videos.

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