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Welcome to another Voltlog, today we’ll be taking a look at what I’ve been receiving in the mail recently. As much as you guys like watching this stuff, I also like getting all these electronic modules from China. I find it interesting every time I get my hands on a new circuit.

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4 thoughts on “Voltlog #92 – InTheMail”

  1. Hi,

    I am using a TP5100 charging module in my system, and I have experienced failure of the ‘FINISHED’ or ‘STANDBY’ open-drain FET output on two different units. I have the CHRG and STDBY outputs tied to separate inputs on an Arduino MEGA, both inputs set for INPUT_PULLUP (20K resistor to +5). The failure mode shows up as a permanent low resistance to ground, as if I had somehow burned out that FET. Should be impossible with a 20K resistor, especially since that same output is connected to +12V through a 1K resistor and an LED.

    Have you had any problems like this with the TP5100?



  2. i bought 6 of these boards from e-bay and 5 of them failed.not at once all,so they are different batches.the last one havent tryied it yet.one failed immediatelly and some after about an hour of operation. i applyied about 11v and monitored them at the beggining they were getting hot and after a while failed..my advise keep away from these modules..and its not im doing something wrong here..im dealing with charging li ion batteries all the time.

  3. Hi, I purchased 10 of them trough Banggood and already six of the TP5100 failed miserably. (With all of them the TP5100 IC failed)
    The problem seems to be with some sub standard components and I studied the circuit and the badly translated document so I redid the document as well as I could.
    The main problem seems to be with the Schottky, the SS34’s reverse leakage current maybe just to high for the IC.
    Im ordering MBRS540T3G (RS-Components number 688-0512) with an reverse leakage of 300uA as a replacement for the six that survived. Im also going to replace the remaining 10uF caps for just in case and also the 100nF cap. I’m going to use a low ESR 10uF cap from TDK with a 10% tolerance (RS-Components number 903-9170). All the components footprint is the same as the current. I’m also thinking about replacing the two 100 mili ohm resistor with a 1% tolerance 50 milli ohm 1W resistor (RS-Components number 126-0398) that is specifically for current sense purposes just to be on the safe side (The items takes way to long to reach me to risk the remaining four and with sensitive devices like the LiPo batteries high risk)
    I have improved the translated document on the TP5100 and made some notes in PDF format If you are interested.
    Hope this help

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