Aneng AN888S Multimeter With Bluetooth Speaker Review & Teardown – Voltlog #374

Welcome to a new Voltlog, today we are taking a look at this true RMS auto-ranging bench multimeter unit from Aneng but as we know we typically find the Aneng meters being sold under other names, different colors so for example this one is also available under the model name ZT-5566 and ZT-5566SE which I’m not really sure but might be able to provide spoken measurement via it’s built-in speaker while the one I have here only has bluetooth speaker functionality. Yup you’ve heard that right, it’s a multimeter combined with a bluetooth speaker. This unit was provided for free by for the purpose of this review and if you would like to order one after watching this video, please consider using the link I’ve placed in the description of the video.

This is a 20000 count meter and the dc voltage accuracy is 0.05%+3 counts, dc current 0,5%+3 counts, an update rate of 3 measurements per second, it can also do ohms, capacitance, diode, continuity, frequency, duty cycle. There is no CAT safety rating printed on this meter, they probably don’t bother with that any more but we should be able to evaluate general safety measures later in our teardown. I don’t see myself playing music through this while working on my projects but I could definitely see myself playing one of my favorite podcasts while working on some electronics, like for example TheAmpHour show which I often listen to while assembling or debugging boards.

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