Ynvisible Ultra Low-Power Display Technology – Voltlog #375

Welcome to a new Voltlog, today we are taking a look at some pretty interesting display technology, this evaluation kit was sent to me by the company named YNVISIBLE for the purpose of this review, they developed this display technology based on Electrochromism, this is defined as the property of a material to change color when voltage is applied. I’m sure this sounds familiar because similar properties of materials are used in e-paper or e-ink displays, they both reflect ambient light but in the case of e-ink the technology is different , as e-ink display are based on electrophoretic properties.

So this is what you get inside the kit, I like how it’s put together and you can get started evaluating the technology as soon as you open the box because, besides providing you with a wide selection of display examples based on their technology, you also get some ready to go boards to drive these display units.

Before telling you more about the display technology let me quickly connect one of these to the demo board to show you how it looks.  I noticed two things immediately, it does take some time for the cells to change color but it’s really simple to drive these as you can connect them directly to MCU pins and just drive them directly. For example this 3 segment display, has a 4 pin connection, one common pin and one connection for each segment. Drive it high or low to go from color to bleach state. So you start to imagine how this can enable some very low cost devices to be built.

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