Best Technique For Soldering & Inspecting BGA Chips – Voltlog #352

Welcome to a new Voltlog, in this video I’m gonna show you my method of soldering BGA chips because in the previous video where I showed the eMMC to microSD card adapter PCB I mentioned I don’t use any stencil for soldering the WFBGA153 package. I’m also gonna be showing you a method for easily checking if the BGA chip is soldered correctly or not.

So let’s start by talking about the BGA package that I used in this project, it’s the WFBGA153, this package has 153 lead-free balls, each is 0.3mm diameter and the pitch between balls is 0.5mm. Now the footprint that I used has 0.35mm pads for each of these balls, which means that when you consider the 0.5mm pitch, in between pads you are left with just 0.15mm which is roughly 6 mil, you basically can’t route any tracks in there using any of the standard PCB services.

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