eMMC Flash Memory To microSD Card Adapter – Voltlog #351

Welcome to a new Voltlog, today we’ll be talking about eMMC memory chips and how you can use them in your next project and whether or not they provide any advantage over a more traditional sd card.

So historically MMC memory was first and then SD memory cards were developed based on MMC specification but added new features. Both technologies are based on some form of flash memory and they both contain a controller in the same package with the memory. Electrically it’s the same interface for both in most cases however software-wise SD card ads some new features which are not supported in the MMC standard. While standard MMC comes in a card form similar to how SD memory cards are, eMMC stands for embedded MMC and it comes in a BGA package. 

The purpose of eMMC is to be used as non-volatile storage in embedded devices and almost all mobile phones and tablets used this form of flash for main storage up to 2016, when UFS started to become more popular.


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