Voltlog #231 – Nitro OBD2 Chip Tuning Scam

Welcome to a new Voltlog, today we’re going to be taking a look at this gadget the nitro OBD2 performance chip tuning box, notice this is specially designed for diesel cars and since it’s using the buzz word nitro, this sounds like it might just work. For sure some company has invested time & money into finding the secret sauce to put into this thing to make it work and boost performance. They claim it fits all cars built after 1996 and all you have to do is to plug this into the obd port, drive for 200km so the device can learn and adjust to your car and after that you will benefit from 35% more power and 25% more torque. It evens says here on the box that it will enable fuel saving. So this sound pretty much like the holy grail in car ECU tuning.

But ofcourse if you have any experience with electronics you can’t believe that this is going to save any fuel or boost any performance just by plugging into the OBD port. So that’s why I purchased this, so we can take a better look inside, and also because I needed an OBD2 connector + enclosure for a project of mine. I plan to do some can bus sniffing and do something with that data but I’ll talk abou that in a future video.

Voltlog #190 – Bad Product Design

Welcome to a new Voltlog, today I’m gonna talk about bad product design but not in general, I’m not gonna cover all of the things that could go wrong in product design, I am gonna focus on a particular case that I encountered recently which is related to standby power usage.

So if you’re gonna design a product that’s gonna be spending most of the time in standby, I’m talking about a product that has a soft power switch, so the product will spend most of the time in standby waiting for you to press the power up button, maybe once a day, or even multiple times, but then it will go back to sleep until next case. You would of course want to optimize the power usage in standby because that could potentially drain the battery and when you wanna turn it on, there is no more juice left.

But it seems like this simple concept is not really used, even now in 2018, you would think, every product designer would master this simple concept but that’s not the case.

Voltlog #125 – Banggood E-Paper Display Fiasco

This is just a short follow-up on the e-paper display video. It was brought to my attention by one of the viewers that banggood is shipping the bare display instead of the module as whole display + pcb + cable.

Link e-paper display black/white:

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