Voltlog #194 – Gift Ideas For Makers – Christmas 2018

Welcome to a new voltlog, so december is coming up and some of you might be thinking what gifts you could offer to your loved ones. I thought I’d share my ideas and what I would like to receive as a maker or hobbyist. The criteria for choosing these items were mainly to be decent quality products, at affordable prices and be things that a maker would later use in his projects. As usual you will find links in the description on the video on youtube to places where you can order these online.

So these are my recommendations for you, I would for example be happy to receive any of the above and that’s how I made this list, thinking about what I would be happy to receive or what would be really useful and fund at the same time for a maker. Let me know in the comments below if the list helped you in any way to choose the right gift for someone. Thank you for watching!

Voltlog #190 – Bad Product Design

Welcome to a new Voltlog, today I’m gonna talk about bad product design but not in general, I’m not gonna cover all of the things that could go wrong in product design, I am gonna focus on a particular case that I encountered recently which is related to standby power usage.

So if you’re gonna design a product that’s gonna be spending most of the time in standby, I’m talking about a product that has a soft power switch, so the product will spend most of the time in standby waiting for you to press the power up button, maybe once a day, or even multiple times, but then it will go back to sleep until next case. You would of course want to optimize the power usage in standby because that could potentially drain the battery and when you wanna turn it on, there is no more juice left.

But it seems like this simple concept is not really used, even now in 2018, you would think, every product designer would master this simple concept but that’s not the case.

Voltlog #176 – InTheMail

Welcome to a new InTheMail the series that will touch both your passion for electronics and your bank account at the same time.

Here are links to all the products shown in this video: