Micsig DP10013 The Best Differential Probe To Get | Voltlog #392

Welcome to a new Voltlog, in this video we’re going to talk about oscilloscope differential probes and what I have here is the Micsig DP10013, this is a 100MHz differential probe that will probably help me not blow up my oscilloscope when probing high voltage stuff like inside a switch mode power supply.

But first a full disclosure, this unit was provided for free by bangggood.com for the purpose of this review and if you decide you decide to get one after watching the video check out the link I’ve placed in the description below, there will also be a discount coupon that you can use to get the Micsig for a better price.

So as usual with Micsig instruments they do come in these nice plastic carry cases, I mean they are not super high quality but certainly decent and certainly nice to have such a carry case for protection during shipping and for storage purposes.

Inside the carry case, we get the differential probe itself, a USB cable which is branded Ugreen, that’s actually nice to see, Ugreen makes good quality cables. If you’ve seen Micsig instruments before, you now they don’t use any batteries, they are powered over a USB port and that’s super useful and appreciated because this is the type of instrument that you will not be using everyday, this will mostly stay stored in it’s carry case for month before being used again and guess what happens when you forget about those batteries? Yeah they leak and they corrode the inside of your test gear so I very much like the fact that it doesn’t use batteries.

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