Pokit Meter Review – Voltlog #371

This is a bluetooth pocket multimeter which means it doesn’t have a display, it uses a smartphone/tablet app to display the measured data and it can do almost everything that a basic meter does: it can measure ac/dc voltage but no true RMS capability on this model, ac/dc current, resistance, continuity, diodes and as a bonus it can also do data logging and it has an oscilloscope mode but with a more limited range of values & functionality given its size. I find this pretty cool, because they managed to build so many functions inside such a small package like I have not seen pocket multimeters that can do data logging so far.

Right from the start you realize why they call it a pokit meter, it’s basically the size of a small puck, less than 5cm in diameter and about 17mm thick. Inside the box you get the meter itself, a pair of J-clips, a spare fuse, a small neoprene carry case and a quick starting guide. The first thing you need to do is to remove the battery seal and you have to twist the battery cap for release and then pull on the small insulating paper which then activates the CR2032 battery.

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