Start Hacking The CAN Bus With The ESP32 CanLite Board – Voltlog #370

Welcome to a new Voltlog project video, today I’m gonna be presenting this little guy called ESP32 CanLite. This is a CAN hacking / development board based on an ESP32 and this is the results of my adventures into hacking the CAN network on my vw golf. I have not made any significant progress on the actual task of hacking the can bus other than what’s shown in Voltlog #342 simply because I got very busy with the professional work I do, consulting for various clients, you know just designing and building electronics but nonetheless I found the time to design and refine this board because this is already the second revision.

3 thoughts on “Start Hacking The CAN Bus With The ESP32 CanLite Board – Voltlog #370”

  1. Hi,
    Have you experimented to create an alarm for a car that detects if the car is jacked? I have my catalytic converter stolen and I decided to buy an Arduino nano + accelerometer/gyroscope MPU6050 to try to detect if the car is moved. Then if the doors are closed and contact is off, turn on and off the car’s horn during for example 1 minute after the last movement. If you have any ideas about such device I’ll be happy to hear.
    Best regards,

  2. Have you successfully been able to read or write can messages with this board? I ordered one and have tested the demo code posted in the github on known working CAN bus and the device does not read any CAN messages.

    Did the demo code you uploaded to github work on some CAN bus? I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong.

    1. Ofcourse! The demo code provided on github will continuously forward packets received on the CAN interface to the serial port at the configured baud rates. The board has also been tested for sending CAN data and everything works fine.

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