InTheMail | Voltlog #430

Welcome to a new InTheMail, the most popular segment hosted here on the channel. Not a lot of time has passed since our previous InTheMail but I have received a bunch of stuff that I would like to start using so I need to do this video.

I’m gonna start with a series of cabling products and the first ones are these higher quality braided USB Type B to various terminations. These two are USB Type-A to USB Type-B printer style cables but in two different lengths, braided finish, higher overall quality and I tend to use these for stuff like an older AVR MKII programmer, for my label printer, for my monitors which have a built-in USB hub, stuff like that.

Then because of modern devices which tend to include less USB Type-A ports but for guys like us who still use a bunch of peripherals, we still need to connect some USB Type-B peripherals to the new USB Type-C ports and it’s nicer when you don’t have to use adapters or USB hubs for that. So I got these USB Type-B to USB Type-C cables for plugging directly into USB Type-C ports, also braided style.

And this guy is just a short, braided style, USB Type-A to USB Type-C which lately I use a lot of these guys because all of the pcb’s that I’m building feature USB Type-C ports and I typically need to connect them to a USB HUB which sits right on my desk so I need a short USB cable. I typically get these from Baseus but this time I tried another company and I quite like what I’m seeing. Nice construction here, lots of room to grab on this connector when inserting into a socket. Same as always there will be links in the description below to all of the items shown in this video.

Also in the cabling department I needed some of this thicker 18AWG UL1015 wire for various wiring jobs working on prototypes on my electronics workbench. Now for 20AWG or 22AWG I typically recycle those out of old ATX power supplies wiring, I feel like I’m doing the planet a service when doing that by preventing them from going to a landfill but for the thicker 18AWG, those are typically not present on an ATX PSU so I ordered a lot of these, 5m per each individual color so these should last me a good while.

This is your standard 2.5×5.5mm dc jack connector with 2m of white cable which has markings that say 2×0.5sq mm which would make it okay up to 3A but just to stay on the safe side I would probably use it only up to 2A in practice. Something like this would be very useful if you are a power adapter with the wrong plug, instead of just replacing the plug you could replace the whole cable if the power adapter can be easily disassembled. And that’s exactly why I got this, to replace the wiring on a 12V power adapter.