Voltlog #152 – Fake Aneng AN101?

So back when I was preparing for that video, I ordered an Aneng AN101 from aliexpress, I think I took the cheapest seller out of the ones that were available and when I got the meter I realised it doesn’t have the Aneng branding right here on the upper side of the LCD.

Here are links to where you can buy this pocket multimeter:

Voltlog #148 – Affordable Pocket Multimeter Shootout

In this episode we are going to be taking a look at the affordable pocket multimeter market, I’ve god 4 models which you can get for under $20 and I’m going to review these to see which one is best.

If you just want to skip to the results checkout this spreadsheet on google docs.

Here are links to where you can buy these pocket multimeters:

Here are the pictures from the teardown of these meters: