InTheMail | Voltlog #317

Welcome to a new InTheMail, the series that will touch both your passion for electronics and your bank account at the same time. We have a selection of different electronics related items in this mailbag video and I’m going to start with this 2.2 inch TFT panel which I got for the Gopher NPS1601 project, as you may know I am working together with other people to produce an open-source plug&play replacement control panel. This is a bit of a spoiler but something like this 2.2 inch panel is an option we are considering with the biggest decision factor being available space on the front panel, as you know the NPS1601 has quite a compact form factor and there are other things that need to fit in there like rotary encoders and output jacks.

This particular panel has the ILI9225 driver IC and apparently 176×220 pixels resolution. When I ordered this it was labeled differently with ILI9341 and 240×320 resolution so they must have made a mistake when shipping this to me. After a bit of googling, it appears there are indeed two variants of this module floating around, they look almost identical, same form factor but use different lcd panels. This is one of those situations where Murphy got me right when I needed to get this part faster and couldn’t wait for anymore delays. Luckily I have another order placed a few weeks after this one so I’ll wait and see how that one shows up.

Voltlog #220 – How To Waterproof Your Electronics or PCBs

Today we’re going to discuss methods for protecting a circuit from the environment and this applies in general to printed circuit boards but you can take these tips and tricks and use them in other applications as well.