Dual Gear Extruder Grinding Itself Problem | Voltlog #308

Welcome to another video about my 3d printing adventures, as you may have seen in a previous mailbag I got myself one of these dual gear extruders to upgrade the standard one that my CR10 came with. The original plastic extruder was working fine initially, but as time passed, the wear increased and it started slipping, the spring was not providing enough tension anymore so it was time for an upgrade.

The dual gear extruder was the obvious choice because it’s affordable and it’s dual gear system should ensure better grip on the filament. I’m not 100% sure but I believe the original design was done by Bondtech and I most certainly got a cheap clone of that from aliexpress. You would think that for such a simple mechanical device it shouldn’t matter if it’s a clone or not but as we’ll see in a moment it does matter as subtle changes can make it better or worse.

I installed my new dual gear extruder, I didn’t make any video about it, didn’t think it was interesting enough and I needed to install it without further delay because I was doing this while I was printing face shields and I needed to have the printer up and running ASAP. It was working great, I printed a bunch of face shields, it had a good grip on the filament but a few days later I accidentally noticed there is a bunch of residue gathered up on the mechanism.