Voltlog #228 – LIDL UltimateSpeed Car Battery Charger Teardown

It’s been a long time since we looked at a product from LIDL so today I have this lead acid battery charger which I got for about $16. From time to time they have these collections of automotive related products, they had this charger among other stuff but it really caught my eye because of this marketing wank which is printed on the box, this thing has a FLIRT Processor and if you were wondering what the hell is a FLIRT processor, it’s a FULL LOGIC INTELLIGENT REGULATION TECHNOLOGY which in my opinion sounds like the kind of title you would find stuffed with keywords on Aliexpress, except they made it an acronym and slapped a chip icon next to it.

Voltlog #188 – LIDL Silvercrest Thermostat Teardown

Hello and welcome to a new Voltlog, today we’re going to be doing a teardown and analysis of this SilverCrest Radiator Thermostat. Silvercrest is a LIDL brand, you will find these product in LIDL shops and I paid about $15 for this thermostat. It’s compatible only with radiators that have special thermostat type valves, installed, the ones that have a push-pin which controls the flow and since I don’t have those installed on my radiators I have also purchased one of those valves to see the thermostat in action.

Now this thermostat doesn’t have any kind of wireless connection, you have to set it up manually using these buttons. However I’ve noticed that in other countries LIDL sells a similar model, looks the same but also has bluetooth connection and then you can use a smartphone app to configure it with ease. I’m gonna go ahead and speculate that LIDL decided to sell these budget thermostats without bluetooth in east europe, while they sell the better equipped model in central and west europe.