Testing The Xiaomi 100W Type-C Car Charger – Voltlog #355

In a previous mailbag video I showed this Xiaomi dual USB port car charger which is capable of power delivery over USB Type-C. Xiaomi claims this is capable of up to 20V 5A output on the USB Type-C port. In the mailbag video I wasn’t able to test these claimed specs but today I have prepared a test setup so we can take a closer look at these specs.

In terms of specs I had a better look at the small user manual that comes with the product, it’s all in chinese so I had to use google translate on these but the unit takes 12 to 24V DC input. It’s unclear to me if you can use this in a 24V car system because you would be operating right at the upper limit of the input and the manual isn’t clear on that aspect.

You got two outputs, USB-A port capable of quick charge protocol 5V at 3A or 9V at 2A And a second USB type-C output which supports power delivery protocol up to 20V and 5A max. If you’re using both ports at the same time the maximum combined total power output is 68W.

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