7 thoughts on “Voltlog #109 – ISDT Q6 Plus 300W Battery Charger Review – It’s well built!”

  1. Hi, do you know the chip number for the 2nd fet from the lower insulator?
    There should be total 5. 4 of them is the same part. 1 different. Mine is burnt and I’m hoping u have the number. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. that component also burned to me. could you figure out what number his initials are? as you wrote 4 they are the same (6232) but that is different. in my case we only read VS at the top and a number 4. then everything else is not read because it is burned

      1. Pretty much can see only vs and some number but I cannot see anymore because I lost the ic hehehe. Still hoping someone has a working one at still can see the part number.

  2. That FET is responsible for discharging function – I’ve removed what was left of it, replaced the 30A fuse on the output and the charger works again. Without discharging function, of course.

  3. Hey, mates! For those, who still looking for this, it is NCE6045G
    I also have a pic, but cant post it here

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