Voltlog #160 – Brymen BM22s and BM27s Pocket Multimeter Review

Welcome to a new voltlog, this is a follow-up on voltlog #148 the pocket multimeter shootout. In that video I reviewed 4 different cheap pocket multimeters. The general idea was that while some had advantages over others they were all missing important protection features on the input, making them safe to use only with low voltage, low energy circuits.

The guys from Welectron saw that video, they contacted me and said they have something better and they sent me theĀ Brymen BM22S and BM27S for a review.

Welectron is offering a 5 EUR discount code (voltlog5) valid until 31st of May 2018. This will pretty much offer you free shipping for one of these meters which coupled with the 3 year warranty and their nice customer service, makes it a very nice deal if you are in the market for a good pocket multimeter.

You can also checkout my comparison spreadsheet to see how the Brymen meters compare against the other cheap pocket multimeters.

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