Voltlog #186 – TS100 VS Generic T12 Station

Welcome to a new voltlog, today we’re talking about the TS100 portable soldering iron, but this won’t be a review because there is no point in making a review video for this mode. There are only a few things you can test with a soldering iron and there are already some very good reviews on youtube from known channels.

I am however interested in how will this iron compare with the stm32 soldering station that I’ve been using for a couple of years. So if you haven’t seen this before, I’ve shown it in detail in voltlog #85, this is a station which I got about 2 years ago, directly from taobao with the help of a friend who lives in China. At that time it wasn’t widely available so it was a bit of a gamble but it payed out because it uses hakko T12 tips and I have a bunch of different models of those and it payed out because the station works great. Nowadays you can find similar models on aliexpress so I will place a link in the description below if you would like to take a look.

I am curious though to see how this would compare with the newly acquired TS100 soldering iron. The TS100 uses a similar type of tip which has the heating element and the thermocouple built in, that type of construction ensures great thermal coupling so the tip can really transfer the heat to the joint and at the same type the sensing element get’s a very accurate reading of the tip temperature and can compensate for that.

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