Voltlog #85 – STM32 OLED T12 Soldering Station

Today we are taking a look at this soldering station which I got from Taobao (Chinese Ebay). This unit is fully contained, power supply is built-in, it works with T12 Hakko tips and it has a nice 1.3 inch OLED display. It’s powered by the STM32 microcontroller which should make it easy to hack if anyone is interested.

Here are links to the items shown in the video:

4 thoughts on “Voltlog #85 – STM32 OLED T12 Soldering Station”

  1. Hi Voltlog, many thanks for your blogs and videos.
    I have a STM32 1.3 OLED Soldering iron which is working fine. My problem is that i only have 1 electrical power point and therefore have to swap my kettle lead between my Weller and STM32.

    I would like to add a battery to my STM32 soldering iron to keep the time/setting. Currently a soon a i unplug it i lose all the settings.

    Any ideas would be great appreciated

    Also the push rotery switch when turned right changes the setting down, rotate left and the setting go up. I’m guessing it soldered incorrectly? It has 2 solder through holes at the top, with 3 at the bottom

    STM32 OLED Soldering Station V2.00

  2. I’m curious why a TS100 portable iron has better thermal performance than this? With a 24V supply, it heats in 6 seconds. They are both based on STM32. Both use similar cartridge tip. Obviously different circuit design, but you’d expect the portable iron to have worse performance.


    1. I haven’t looked at the TS100 so I don’t know how good it is but just because it’s portable it doesn’t mean anything. It’s all inside the cartridge and how efficient that is, maybe the TS100 has smaller thermal mass so it heats up faster but it will also loose temperature faster. There probably is some room for improvement in the software as well but I would say the most important factor here is the cartridge.

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