Voltlog #272 – Car Relay GPS Tracker Setup CJ720

In this video we’ll take a look at the CJ720 car relay gps tracker, I’ll show you how to setup the tracker and how to get position information. I will show you what kind of commands this tracker accepts and I will also do a teardown towards the end.

For information on how to setup your own GPS Tracking server, running on a raspberry pi, using open source software, checkout Voltlog #274.

10 thoughts on “Voltlog #272 – Car Relay GPS Tracker Setup CJ720”

  1. So, besides supplying power to the module, for basic tracking, do any of the other tabs need to be connected? Going to the next level, with four tabs on the module, is there a specific plug this needs to be installed into?

  2. How much of the battery dos it use? i sometimes dont use my car for over a week, but ofc like this device to be active even if it only send a update per hour orso and is that configable to the amount of location pings? Like for example: when parkarked only 1 per hour,. and when car is moving 1 per min? Love your Yt channel 😀
    Greetings from the Netherlands,
    server075 aka Michael

  3. Hi Florin,

    do you know if the testpins near the little connector are a uart interface? Maybe you already checked, if there is some communication happening?
    Possible it is rx,tx,gnd but i did not connect my logicanalyzer.
    It would be interessing to connect an arduino and receive the SMS data sending to the tracker or send data over gprs via the interface, or read gps nmea data/shocksensor data.

    For a e-bike alarm system i would like to enhance the functionality of this tracker.

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