7 thoughts on “Voltlog #48 – New 2016 Gopher CPS-3205C Review & Teardown”

  1. Excellent Review. I purchased the newer unit before I saw your review so happy to see it ranks so well. One comment / question. Is there a simple way to defeat the front panel on/off switch? Our application requires that after an interruption of AC that the power supply comes back to it’s present setting. As of now if AC power is lost it requires a push of the front panel button. Can this be jumpered without causing any logic issues? We need this for unattended operation.
    Thanks again.

  2. Have you tested the recently released Gophert CPS-3205 II power supply to compare it with the “new” CPS-3205C unit that you tested in Voltlog #48? In looking at the circuit board of the CPS-3205 II unit, it can be seen that the circuit board layout and components are significantly different from the CPS-3205C “new” unit – obviously a new design. I’m wondering if Gophert has addressed the remaining issues you identified in Voltlog #48, such as the over-current spike that you identified?

    1. I wasn’t aware there is a new version of the CPS-3205 so I don’t know anything about it but I will look into it..

      1. Here is a link with some good photos, inside and out: https://mysku.ru/blog/china-stores/48988.html Banggood says they are shipping the upgraded CPS-3205 II units, so I ordered one a week ago. Expect to receive it in a week or two. After seeing that it is a different design (internally), I’m hoping they have addressed the remaining issues you found – primarily the over-current spike.

        1. From the pictures I can see it has been optimized for manufacturing and for lowering production cost. Single sided load now, more smd components. Would be interesting if they also fixed the issues..

  3. Looks great! But I won’t be buying one until I can guarantee getting the color I want! All the vendors I’ve checked just randomly send whatever blue or gray stock they have!

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