Wiistar 1080p 60fps HDMI USB Capture Card Review & Teardown | Voltlog #306

Ever since I got the new microscope and HDMI camera setup I was thinking of ways to capture video on my computer from the microscope camera. This particular camera is the Hayear 34MP model which I reviewed in Voltlog #292, it outputs 1080P at 60fps over HDMI and it does have on-board micro-sd card recording, so I could record images or videos to an sd-card but if you want to live-stream the camera feed, a capture card is needed on your computer. There are countless options in terms of capture cards but as usual I tried to find the cheapest solution that does the job well enough.

This particular unit came up in my searches, it’s relatively inexpensive when compared to other options that advertise similar specs 1080p at 60fps, it has two hdmi ports, one is an input for capture the other one should be a pass-through so you can connect a monitor at the same time of capturing video but we’ll see if that function works as advertised in a few minutes.

We have a USB Type-C connector for the computer side and an audio output 3.5mm jack. It is mentioned in the product page that it’s supposed to have a delay between audio and video so I’m guessing it’s related to this audio output port. The enclosure is aluminium which should help with heat dissipation and this particular unit is branded Wiistar but I believe you will find this under other names as well. Inside the box you get a USB A to Type-C cable about 1m long, a small usb A to type C adapter, a disk and a user manual.

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