Reverse Engineering Gopher NPS-1601 Front Panel Circuit | Voltlog #305

In this video I’m gonna show you how I reverse engineered the front panel of the Gopher NPS1601. First I’ll show the method I used for reverse engineering and then I’ll show the results I got This is in my opinion the best power supply you can get in the $50 range and if you would like to know more about this, I did a review in Voltlog #255.

Why did I decide to reverse engineer the front panel of this power supply you might ask? Well it was a topic I had on my todo list ever since I got this unit because I feel like the user interface on this is not as nice as it could be if it had a color TFT display to show more info than what you get on those small 7 segment displays. And I’m not just talking about improving visibility cause you could do that just by using brighter 7-segment displays, I’m talking about showing more data like: calculated wattage or capacity, showing set current and voltage at the same time with actual current and voltage you know the kind of info you get on the more expensive Riden power supply but hopefully in a better color scheme.

One thought on “Reverse Engineering Gopher NPS-1601 Front Panel Circuit | Voltlog #305”

  1. Hello,

    I’m using the Gopher PPS-3205 to supply 12-24V to my soldering iron TS-100.
    Is it possible to limit the output voltage setting up to 24V? to avoid accidentally setting over 24V.


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