You Need This Instrument Right Now | Voltlog 376

Inside the box we are greeted with the instrument and I must say I expected a compact unit but this blows my minds, it’s actually smaller when you get to see it in real life and it feels kinda strange because it has all the visual cues of a professional instrument with the exception of size, it’s something new but I expect to see more of these miniaturized instruments in the next couple of years. You also get a power adapter and one that apparently has all of the safety certifications and it comes with these exchangeable socket adapters, you get the USB power lead which is just an adapter from USB to barrel jack and you also get two coaxial cables, that’s pretty much all you need to get started.

I have the ETG962E 60MHz model here but right from the start you shouldn’t set your expectations too high just because you see the 60MHz bandwidth mentioned because take a look at the sample rate, it’s 200MSamples/sec so at the max output of 60MHz you’re only getting roughly 3 samples per second which isn’t enough to describe a clear simple waveform, not to mention some more complicated waveforms. I mean it might do ok with a sine wave just because it can specify the top and bottom points and with a slower rise time it will automatically turn it into a sine wave but that’s pretty much all you’re going to get at the max output of 60MHz. So they’re kind of pushing the max spec of this unit for marketing purposes by specifying it at 60MHz when in fact it can do that for anything other than a sine wave.

It’s pretty obvious that you need to cut some corners to be able to offer such an instrument in the $150 range shipping included but as long as you are aware of these limitations, it’s still a pretty good offer, actually it’s the best offer on the market just because there isn’t anything like this available with similar specs in a similar price range and with the same quality.

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