Voltlog #36 – The Dark Load PCB Layout With EagleCAD

This video is mostly a time-lapse of me doing the PCB layout for the Dark Load project that I am working on. However during the first minutes of the video I am commenting and giving some hints on some design decisions that I make during layout.

This entire design is open source and it will be shared once I have it working but for now it’s still quite beta and I don’t want to release something that is potentially not working or might contain errors.

Voltlog #35 – SMD Assembly And Reflow

In this video I am going to show you how I assemble PCBs with surface mount devices. First I apply the solder paste with the help of a stainless steel laser cut stencil, next I manually pick and place all the components and the last step is to run the boards through a reflow profile in my DIY reflow oven.

Voltlog #34 – Fluke 77 Teardown & Repair, Varistor Replacement

In this video I’m opening the Fluke 77 I scored at a recent auction to show and repair a small issue it has. One of the MOV (metal oxide varistor) in the input protection circuit had suffered damage probably while protecting the rest of the circuit when a HV signal was applied to it’s input, so I decided to replace the MOV.

The original MOV part number is V910LSX1399 specs: 910V 10% 1mA
The replacement MOV part number is Panasonic ERZV10D911 specs 910V 1mA

Voltlog #33 – Ublox 7 GPS USB to UART Conversion Hack

In this video I am hacking this vk-172 cheap usb gps module to use UART instead of USB. The module contains the ublox 7 chipset which is quite nice and it makes it much more useful having an UART interface.

PIO10 > pin 33 controls the hardware pin remapping feature
PIO10 low = UART remapped to PIO15 > pin 36 and PIO16 > pin 37
PIO10 high = UART on standard TX on PIO6 > pin 19 and RX on PIO7 > pin 18