10 Gift Ideas For Electrical Engineers In 2021 | Voltlog #389

If you are an electrical or electronics engineer then you probably noticed how non-technical people around you are struggling when it comes to choosing a gift for you and if you are a non-technical person and you need to buy a gift for an engineer, then this video is for you so stick around.

Unlike other similar videos which will generally recommend gift ideas without actually testing them, I’m  going to recommend stuff that I personally own and have used for enough time to know if it’s any good or not. For all of the stuff shown in this video there will be links in the description to Banggood, Amazon or Aliexpress which are the usual places where I do my shopping and I decided to release this video a little early because there is the 11.11 shopping festival on Aliexpress and Banggood and you might get some nice discounts on these orders.

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