Voltlog #233 – InTheMail

Welcome to a new InTheMail, the series that will touch both your passion for electronics and your bank account at the same time. We’re gonna start with this double insulated silicone wire. I’m not even sure if it’s the right name to use but both the outer black insulation and the inner insulation are silicone they can take the soldering iron at 300 degrees Celsius without any issues, no melting. The one I got is 26AWG and it has 7 strands inside each wire. It seems to be tin plated copper because I did the flame test and the individual wires just glowed red. I also measured the resistance and it is 0.132 ohm/meter. I would recommend getting the 24AWG for a bit more strands inside each wire.


Voltlog #181 – Installing Stepper Motor Vibration Dampers On The CR10

In this video you will see step-by-step how I installed a set of vibration dampers on my Creality CR10 3D printer. They feature two metallic parts and a compliant rubber part in the middle that connects the outer two. This will reduce vibrations coming from the motor, stopping them from passing through the frame.

Here are some links to places where you can get the parts shown in this video: